Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Asheville NC

I feel like it's been so long since we were actually in Asheville. We don't always have easy internet access, so sometimes it takes me a while to post. Jeff did a couple of tattoos at Taylor Cort's shop, Mutiny Tattoo. Both of his clients were tattooers from Virginia, Robin Wilcoxson and Jay Ripley. 

Not sure exactly what shops they're out of but I'm sure they can be googled. I convinced Jeff that a 4 mile round trip walk to IHOP for pancakes was totally worth it.
 I was lying to him, but what did make it totally worth it was when the waitress laughed in his face and called him silly for ordering an english muffin and french fries. Taylor and his wife were nice enough to take us downtown and show us around. Downtown Asheville is pretty cool, lots of hills which was weird to me. I don't think I'd enjoy riding my bike as much. They have lots of vegan-friendly places to eat and Jeff scored a Terminator 2 special edition laserdisc for $2. Asheville was high on our list of possible places to move, but at this point we're not sure. Definitely had a good time, but don't know if we want to live there.

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