Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're not dead.

We're still alive, I've just been really slacking. I've got tons of pictures and stuff to post, I don't even know where to start. I guess the next place we were at was Hope Gallery in New Haven, CT. Really awesome shop, super nice people. Extra thanks to Joe and his wife for being so hospitable. Jeff did a bunch of really cool tattoos there:
This one was done on a super fast tattooer named Ed, He works out of 12 Tattoos in Groton, CT.
Jeff added this to the bling watch he did on Siobhan's leg a while back. She's a really cool lady and the best optician I know. 
This was done on Liz, the piercer at 12 Tattoos in Groton, Ct.
And the last one was done on another tattooer at 12 Tattoos, Mason.
Thanks to everyone @ Hope Gallery and everyone who came out and got tattooed. We had a really fun time and plan to return next year.