Saturday, August 21, 2010


Another heat wave...awesome. We parked on a broken cement slab across from a halfway house. We only stayed for a few days and didn't get to see much, due to lack of transportation and intense heat. Jeff did a tattoo on nice guy/tattooer Steve Martin. He works at a really nice shop called Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville, along with Josh Woods, Ian White and Marty McEwen.The shop is in this awesome historic building called Cummins Station.One of the shop owners, Doy was super nice and let us park at his house for a day. We wanted to explore and not worry about leaving the dogs on the slab. The exploring was very short lived and we returned to the slab and the stares of the halfway house residents. One of them actually yelled at me when I was walking the dogs. I'm pretty sure they said "YEAH! pick up that poop girl!" That was the highlight for me, along with the hot pink stretch limo we saw. I'd definitely like to go back sometime and see the city. Seems like a cool place.

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